May 13th, 2003

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If anyone needs any more proof of what a dictatorship Bush is turning the US into, read this:

quotes & my comments: "People have a right to free speech, we're not trying to infringe on that," said Richard Stribling, a Secret Service official in San Francisco. "But there is a line there."

Yeah, and I suppose if they would have said Bush was an illegal president, they'd be in Jail now? Since this is the line of questioning:

The boys said the agents asked questions such as, "Are you a terrorist?", "What is your opinion of the president?" and "What would you say to the president if he was here?"

the agents told him he had no rights after what he had said about Bush.

So any idiot that calls the SS (note: it's not my fault this is the abbrev. of Secret Service) can have anyone arrested and they have no rights after that? Must be great fun to get pissed of at your neighbors in the US these days!