iPod misery

Why is it that the iPod has great features in its software updates, but they fail to work together with iTunes? (Both produced by Apple, afaik. iPod division doesn't talk to iTunes division or somehting?)

I'm reloading my music libray onto my iPod, because although it has added compilation support in some iPod firmware update, iTunes fails to update songs for which I've turned 'part of a compilation' on... And off course there is no way to see that setting in a column in iTunes (if there was, I could have at least only recopied those files manually after sorting on that :-(

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Does anyone know how easy it is to set up bugzilla, and support some of these:

- workflow (i.e. for every state, there's a limited set of states you can change it too, and those changes may automatically move the bug to the appropriate person)
- adding fields (other than the defaults), pre-made queries available to all users?

Any other freeware/OSS bugtracking that is better?

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So after getting my iPod from work, I'm looking into ways of listening to music more (which I hardly do)... Knowing that I mostly like singer/songwriter type of music, and that I can't concentrate very well with this on, I want to find something to listen to that doesn't distract me.

So anyone know any good folk music that would fall into this.

For those that happen to be in Flanders, I love boombal but don't know any group names to look for. All tips welcome!

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Just threw out the christmas tree (quite literally from the second floor window, attached to an electrical cord because that was what was around ;-). Too bad the festive season is already over!

LJ sold

Brad sells lj, mostly to rid himself of all the management stuff if I read it correctly.
It will be strange/interesting to see what the effects of this are after the dust has settled in a year or 2-3... The company where I work is going to the same thing, with probably the same feelings (although mostly for the ppl who work there).

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Today I bought (or ordered rather, since it arrives only in february) a shiny new Citroen Xsara Picasso (1.6 Petrol engine, Color: Blue, with airco). With some 4500 EUR discount over the normal price, I think I got a good deal. Too bad you can't have cruise control on it, and apparently, Citroen now forbids the installation of 3rd party ones, saying they'll void the warranty (which is only 2 years, so maybe I'll just wait out the 2 years...)